Six Minutes With A Centaur

There’s a centaur at Canary Wharf. He stands outside the Jubilee Line entrance on Upper Bank Street, looking through the trees to the water at Wood Wharf, beautiful, damaged, alone.

I made a promise to myself to spend some time really looking at him. On 6th November, just after seven in the morning, as a perfect sunrise spread true gold, I kept that promise. And after I’d looked, and marvelled, I took photos. From 7.33 to 7.38 (inclusive, for my pedant chums) I snapped a run of images on a basic camera.

Maybe it was the light, but I think they capture a little of his desolate and haunting beauty.

3 thoughts on “Six Minutes With A Centaur

    • I do – but I think part of it is that my father taught me very early on to look at everything and be mindful of my surroundings instead of just racing through them. So I notice any beauty around me, even in a place one might not think of as beautiful, and I look for quirkiness and joyous oddity wherever I go.

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