Pages from Anime! A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Animation

From Chapter 2, From Robots to Cyberpunk – the Seventies and Beyond:

Interior page

“In 1982, when Macross (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross) hit Japan’s TV screens, another giant robot legend was born, along with the quintessential idol singer, ultrabimbo Lynn Minmay. The teenager with dreams of becoming a singing star became the idol of millions, and designer Mikimoto Haruhiko’s misty, sensual watercolours depicting Minmay in various romantic poses appeared on bedroom and study walls all over Japan. The plot importance and fan popularity of the show’s robot weapons, especially the transforming Valkyries, has never obscured the far greater impact of the characters on Macross’s young audience.

Minmay’s fame grew even further when, in the mid-Eighties, American company Harmony Gold asked producer Carl Macek to find a Japanese animated series for US TV syndication. Unable to locate a series which conformed either in number of episodes or cultural acceptability to the requirements of the American public, as he saw them, Macek took three different and unrelated series (Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada), re-wrote and re-edited them, and created Robotech. This became one of the most popular US animated series, and was widely shown in Europe.”

Interior colour page

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