Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation

Image © Studio Ghibli/Nibariki, cover design © Stone Bridge Press

“… a very handsome tribute to Miyazaki and his work. Everything one might have wanted to know about him and his seven animated films is included…”

   Donald Richie, The Japan Times

“Written in a nicely accessible style that is neither too highbrow nor too populist, McCarthy has delivered a book that can be enjoyed by fans and professionals alike. … will remain the seminal publication in the study of the animator’s work. A wonderful accomplishment indeed.”

   Tom Mes, Midnight Eye

“The research and analysis that went into Master of Japanese Animation is impressive. The writing style that makes the book both enlightening and entertaining is a pleasure.”

Lisa DuMond, SFSite 

I first saw My Neighbour Totoro in 1989, and knew I had to find out more about the man who could make such a transparently honest, subtle and beautiful film. It was the start of a journey of discovery that took me to Japan for the first time, and led me to explore the work of one of the most remarkable film-makers in the history of the medium.With first-hand interviews, and critical evaluations of each film from Castle of Cagliostro to Princess Mononoke, the book looks at sources, influences, story synopses, characters, techniques and personnel.

My admiration for Hayao Miyazaki endures, and My Neighbour Totoro still gets my vote for the greatest film ever made.

A special UK edition of the book was released, with the Princess Mononoke DVD, in a new cover, by arrangement with British licensees Optimum. However, due to licensing issues, it was withdrawn.

When the book was written Miyazaki had already been talking about his imminent retirement for some time. He continued to do so for some years afterwards, while making a further three features and ten shorts as director, and working on a number of other films as writer, producer or planner. I’ve been asked whether, in light of this, I plan to update the book, but that is unlikely at present.

You can read more about Miyazaki in a number of other books, including Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc’s Studio Ghibli, and in his own words in the translated edition of his essays, Starting Point.

You can buy my book from Amazon UK  or Amazon USA.

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