Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check!

Get your Reality Check today!

Get your Reality Check today!

Rikki Simons and Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons have a Kickstarter for their book Super Information Hijinks: Reaity Check! running until 30 December 2015. (Yes, Virginia, that IS an anime-inspired foreground/background title as featured on so many anime of the late 70s and 80s and discussed in The Anime Encyclopedia!)

It’s a beautiful book – funny, engaging and warm.They describe it as “absurdist speculative fiction, which we jokingly referred to at the time as “Appliance Fiction” due to the story revolving around the advent of a single appliance, the True Virtual Reality Helmet — oh, and a boy and his cat..”

What a great stocking-filler it would make for every comic-lover on your gift list! Just $5 gets you or your friend a PDF of the book, with more goodies for higher pledges.

Check it out, and please share this link on every social media channel you can. In this crowded world, so like the one Rikki & Tavi imagined but so much bigger than most of us ever thought possible, it’s hard for artists to make their voices heard above all the chatter. Give the project a push with your money, yes, but share it so others can help make sure it reaches its finish line fully funded. That’s a win-win all round!

2 thoughts on “Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check!

    • I don’t make anime or publish books. You need to work for and anime studio, a publisher or a design studio. Good luck!

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