Drawing Basics Made Easy: new book out now from Flame Tree!


I have a new book in the shops just in time for the holiday gift season. (That’s a hint. A massive one.) It’s published by Flame Tree and you can take a look inside on their website.

I had so much fun making a second book with the fab Flame Tree team and many of the artists from my first Flame Tree outing, How To Draw Manga Made Easy – including Newton Ewell, Tony Luke, Inko, Chie Kutsuwada, Laura Watton-Davies and Dan Byron. I was also lucky enough to get some talented additions to the team, like Kristen McGuire, Kat Laurange and the amazing Lea Hernandez. My old friend Bruce Lewis wrote the foreword and provided several eridute and easy-to-follow tutorials as well. (So did YOU ever use broccoli as a model for drawing trees?)

I hope you’re going to enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed helping to make it.

Like many of my books, it’s dedicated to someone who has helped me, inspired me and been a friend for many years. Anne Page is an amazing artist herself, and I hope she doesn’t mind my saying a public thank-you to a very private person.

Page 2

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