December 2010


3 December, London, UK: As curator, I’m introducing the opening night of the Akira Kurosawa Directorspective. The film is the first Kurosawa movie I ever saw, Throne of Blood, and quite aside from the wonderful acting, direction and script, it also boasts some of the most impressive costume and sound design ever captured onscreen. Be there!


3-19 December, London, UK: Barbican Cinema Directorspective on Akira Kurosawa. Fabulous opportunity to see some of the greatest costume pictures ever made, with some rather good acting and photography thrown in.

3 December 2010-20 February 2011, Tokyo, Japan: National Museum of Modern Art has a major exhibition of Dolls from its collection

17-19 December, St. Louis, USA: Bishie-con – “yaoi, shounen-ai, and slash convention for the Midwest”


To 12 December, Versailles, France: Murakami Versailles

To 15 December, London, UK: Naoya Hatakeyama’s Scales at Japan House

To December, Bath, UK: Vionnet Dresses, divine confections from one of the greatest fabric technicians in Western costume history, at the Museum of Costume. Also Photographing Fashion – British Style in the 1960s.

To 10 Jan 2011, Masuda, Japan: Robots and the Arts: Visual Images in 20th Century Japan, show at the Iwami Art Museum with new Romanov Higa anime, limited edition DVD, art from Gundam, Eva, Astro Boy, Gigantor.

To 16 January 2011, London, UK: Elegant Accomplishments: The Art of Noh Performance at the V&A

To 23 January 2011, Tokyo, Japan: Mizuki World Exhibition – Shigeru Mizuki works at Hachioji Yume Art Museum

To 30 January 2011, Masuda, Japan: Cristobal Balenciaga – exhibition devoted to the god of fashion design at the Iwami Art Museum

To 6 February 2011, London, UK: Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion, exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery, curated by Akiko Fukai of the Kyoto Costume Institute.

To 6 March 2011, London, UK: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, unmissable exhibition at the British Museum

To Spring 2011, Preston, UK: Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics, an astonishing collection of clothes, hangings and other textile treasures from the 1700s to the present, including many previously unseen, at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

To 26 June 2011, Manchester, UK: China – Journey to the East, British Museum touring exhibition

To 26 June 2011, Tokyo, Japan: Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace hosts exhibition documenting the struggles of wartime sex slaves. Open Wed-Sun, call 03-3203 4633 for times, info.

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