Once information – or misinformation – is published, it can be circulated, repeated and shared. But the exact format in which the information is published – the text, picture, music or whatever – belongs to the person who created it, and so reproducing it without permission (as opposed to reporting or describing it) is illegal.

If you intend to reproduce any part of this blog, please read what follows.


All the text on this blog may be reproduced and shared under a Creative Commons 3 Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported licence. Click the link for full details.

This license allows you to reproduce any of the text I’ve written on this blog for any non-commercial purpose, providing you don’t alter it in any way and you attribute it to me as the author. Attribution should be at the beginning or end of the text, in the same size typeface or larger, and should read “(Article title) By Helen McCarthy,,  with permission“, including a link to this page.

Please note that this license does not extend to any of my other work – only to the articles, poems and other material published on this blog. Accepted “fair use” or academic quotation rights and attribution conventions are not affected.

If you use any of my work, I’d love to know about it, so please email me –


This license doesn’t cover the pictures on this blog. I can’t give you permission to use pictures I didn’t take, but I’m happy to try and help you contact rights holders. Email with the details.


If you would like to reproduce or use any of the text for commercial purposes, or to vary it or rework it, please contact me by email for permission before you start work. Email


A Creative Commons license lets the creator set the levels of use and the terms on which their work can be copied, shared, distributed or varied. Creators retain the copyright, and all moral and intellectual property rights that they choose not to share. All other uses are permitted under the conditions of the Creative Commons license chosen.

There are various levels of CC license: see the Creative Commons website for more details.

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