Ohayo Ohio!


OK, a lame headline, but I’m childishly excited about going to my first Ohayocon and making my first visit to the state of Ohio. So many people I love will be there, and aside from catching up with them I can talk about my three, yes count ’em three, new books in 12 months: A Brief History of Manga, the third edition of The Anime Encyclopedia (currently at the printers) and How To Draw Manga, due from Flame Tree Publishing in April.

One thing I love about modern conventions is how much easier it is to plan your con, thanks to the Internet. You get the schedule online in advance. You can work out what you can see easily, what will involve going without food/sleep and what positively requires you to find some way to be in two places at once. You can also block out your spaces for artists’ alley, dealers’ room, convention tables and the like.

The one thing you can’t do is get more time in the convention day. I understand they’re working on an app for that…

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