Puppet-Making at Anime Attacks 5, Gateshead

More puppets from the workshop I did in Gateshead. I was amazed at the diversity and energy of the puppets created from basic stationery supplies and waste.

Plastic cups make great Daleks, but there are lots of other possibilities. Here’s a very simple character using a foam ball for a head, and flanked by two stick puppets. Pikachu is on the right, and on the left is a weird creature with a mouth hinged on a paper fastener to open and close. What a story you could make with these three!


Here each side of a dog’s head is taped onto one side of the cup to turn it into a three-dimensional character. You could use it as a hand puppet or develop it further, as we’ll see below.


This cute quadropus was created by wrapping a cup in paper and adding paper streamers, plus foam balls for eyes.


This is amazing: a three-dimensional jointed cat puppet built around a plastic cup with lolly sticks, straws and old packaging. And it was all made possible by the team at Gateshead Central Library, encouraging the creativity in everyone who comes through their doors.

Librarians are great!






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