How To Draw Manga on the Convention Circuit

Emily with her copy of How To Draw Manga Made Easy

Emily with her copy of How To Draw Manga Made Easy

Sadly I didn’t have any copies of How To Draw Manga Made Easy at Anime Central – they didn’t arrive in Britain in time to get to me before I flew out to Chicago. There was a box waiting for me when I came home, which meant I was able to take the book to Toronto for Anime North the following week. Thanks to those lovely people at Flame Tree Publishing, a few fortunate Americans and one lucky Brit will get a copy for free, and two excellent convention charities will raise money from signed copies.

Before leaving, I dropped off a signed copy with those nice people at Viewster, in town for MCM Expo. I was literally on the way to the airport and broke my journey for a brief stop at their hotel, without even time to grab a coffee together! But look out for a competition to win that signed copy on their various magnets of social media.

At Anime North I gave a talk with lots of sneak peeks into the book, and gave away two copies in a prize draw for attendees. You can see one of the lucky winners, Emily, above with her copy. I also donated a signed copy to the convention’s charity auction.

There was a lot of interest, not only in this book, but in the other Flame Tree books I showcased at the end of my talk. People wanted to know more about the artists and styles, jotting down names of books and individual artists for further research. It’s a fallacy to think that anime and manga fans are interested in only one style of art – if the art is good, people will appreciate it.

Next weekend I’m at A-Kon 26 in Dallas, with another signed copy for the charity auction and another couple of copies to give away to fans. (And you’ll be able to grab one or two of the artists in the book, as well as me, to get your copy signed at the con.) Come and check it out. If you’re not lucky enough to win a copy, at least you can now get it on Amazon and from other US booksellers – it came out in the USA on 28 May.

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