How To Draw Manga Made Easy

As I mentioned back in February, I have a new book coming out soon – it’s due on 10 May from Flame Tree Books. I’ve been preparing a presentation on it for my convention appearances this summer. So while I have my desktop crammed with gorgeous images, I thought I’d just tease you a little with two or three of them.



Some of you old-school fans out there might remember Tony Luke. Tony was one of the first Brits to sell comics to a Japanese anthology – Comic Afternoon, from the mighty Kodansha. And here’s a tip for all you would-be manga artists – he made those sales not by copying what the Japanese do so well. but by being absolutely himself, working in his own way. Tony uses a mix of collage, computer manipulation and photography. He says that manga is all about wanting to tell a story, and that if you’re burning to get your story out there, you’ll find a way – especially with all the new technology there is to help you. You can see more of his work here.

Art by Bruce Lewis

Art by Bruce Lewis

Bruce Lewis has been a professional artist for almost a quarter of a century (see his work here) and was part of the first wave of Americans to make manga-style comics for the US market. Bruce uses both old-school techniques and skills and computer wizardry to make his art, and like Tony he believes that the most important thing is to find your own way to bring your story and characters to life. All the artists in the book say you should learn from other artists and other media, but use what you learn to polish and develop your own unique style.

Art by Newton Ewell

Art by Newton Ewell

Newton Ewell is another American artist with wide experience in games design and illustration. He’s a wonderful tutor in computer art, able to explain the processes involved so that a novice gains confidence to give it a try, but he too stresses the importance of letting your own imagination run free. Practice and observation will help you be a better artist, but only you can make your work unique. See more of Newton’s work here.

If you want to see more, you can come along to one of my convention talks – or of course, buy the book, which is due out on 10 May. Watch out for later posts with more of my team’s stunning art, which will hopefully encourage you to check out their sites and buy their work.

Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing
General editor Helen McCarthy
Foreword by Rikki Simons
Paperback / softback: 20,000 words, 256 pages, 250 illustrations
ISBN: 9781783615926
Series: Made Easy (Art)
Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 15 mm

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