Shock! Author Doesn’t Punch Vlogger!

So there we were at the end of the ICA screening of anime anthology Short Peace, part of the Japan Foundation’s annual touring programme of Japanese film. It was a great screening with a packed house that loved the movie and loved my intro to it.

At the end of the show, when we were all getting our coats and ready to go home, the amazing Aisha Ahmed asked me for a video interview.

Did I complain? Did I say I couldn’t go ahead without an hour in make-up? Did I deck her for even suggesting that a star of the magnitude of moi should stand in a corridor and do an interview without so much as a nibble of sizzling fillet steak?

Of course not. For one thing she’s a lot tougher than me, for another I haven’t done kindergarten tantrums since kindergarten, and for a third I don’t have the Daily Mail et al boosting my paycheque with huge column inches every time I zip up my geriatric jeans.

So I just did the interview. Here it is.



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