My Joycean Moment: or, Full Metal Metatext


Nobody ever called my writing “almost Joycean” before. This rather lovely article by Roland Kelts, which ran in the Japan Times on my birthday, also has a spiffy photo of The Anime Encyclopedia and another of its co-author Jonathan Clements, who looks as if he’s about to get all heavy and tell you what’s what.

Come to think of it, that’s exactly what the book does. It seems to carry more weight than even its physical form. (Although that’s heavy enough in itself – an early purchaser recently threatened to bill us for a new doorstep, claiming the package broke the original on arrival.)

Oter things are happening alongside the round of interviews and other hooha that goes with launching a book. Writing one, updating another, editing a third. More about all that later.

For now, just go out and buy a new doorstep.

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