S-Con 2015: small is beautiful

Scon pics Scon text

I’m absolutely thrilled to be going back to S-Con this year. Last year was an absolute blast. The fans there are lively, talented and up for a good time, and the event is small enough to feel like an old-school, home-made, family convention and big enough to have a solid, diverse programme.

Last year I got them cross-stitching. This year I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to those who think they know their manga – I’m hosting a Manga Mastermind quiz. If you’ve learned my most recent book, A Brief History of Manga, off by heart you’re in with a chance of fame and glory – well, at least a mention on this blog. And just to sweeten the pot I’m throwing in some exclusive goodies from my own collection for the grand prize.

So come to Scunthorpe if you think you can hack it, and see what you take home with you. Even if you don’t take home any prizes you’ll get photos, good memories and maybe a few new friends.

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