The Anime Encyclopedia, 3rd edition

The Book arrived at my publishers’ office in California today.


I love all my books, but this one is always The Book. Not just because it’s occupied more time in my life than any of my other works, but because it’s the book I had to write. I really, really wanted to read it, and nobody else would write it for me.

To persuade anyone to publish it I had to get involved in kickstarting a fandom, found and edit a magazine, and write enough other books to convince Stone Bridge Press that this insane idea wasn’t really quite as insane as it sounded and might actually sell a few copies. Travelling from the time I realised I needed this book to the time the first edition was published took twenty years. Why is there never an ansible or a Tardis when you need one?

Look at it now: a third edition, over one million one hundred thousand words, over a thousand pages, testing the limits of binding technology. A subject, a medium, a global industry  captured in a book that only exists because Jonathan Clements and I worked, and still work, our socks off to bring my dream into being, and because Peter Goodman at Stone Bridge Press believed, and still believes, that dreams are worth chasing.

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