Free Movie Of The Day


With free stuff, some say you get what you pay for. That’s why caveat emptor is one of the surviving Latin phrases to ring warning bells even with those who know no Latin: “let the buyer beware” resonates in ranges below verbal understanding. Too good to be true usually is.

That said, I just got an offer that may interest you, dear reader and movie hound. The Movie and Music Network, purveyors of terror flicks, pink eiga and more B-movie badness, is offering a free movie of the day to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays and other events in the B-movie world.

Here’s this week’s TMMN pick’n’mix:

Tuesday (missed it!) – Jungle Book in honor of Sabu Dastagir’s Birthday

Wednesday – That Uncertain Feeling – in honor of Ernst Lubitsch’s Birthday

Thursday – Unseen Evil

Friday – Fast and Furious – in honor of John Ireland’s Birthday

Saturday/Sunday – One Direction: The Invasion – in honor of Harry Styles Birthday

Monday – The Psychic

Tuesday – Death Bed

Caveat emptor … for Saturday & Sunday anyway!

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