Vaunda K. Perry 1951-2008

Six years ago today my beloved friend Vaunda died after a long battle with cancer. I love, remember and miss her. She gave me so much.

Since her death I’ve also learned how much she meant to others, not just our mutual friends but people I never knew who have contacted me through blog posts like this and shared memories. So many of us who lose loved ones feel alone, yet sharing our common loss, and realising how many lives our lost ones touched, is comforting.

It’s a learning curve too: reflecting on how she is remembered makes me wonder if I can be remembered so lovingly and positively. Something to work towards.

I wrote some poems, and although she inspired them they’re really for me, and everyone else left behind.


you have gone so far

into the bamboo forest

leaving me behind



I remember you

walking so far for so long

I couldn’t keep up



seasons change

but you will never

change again

your last photograph

pinning your last smile



have you walked

too far beyond me

or have I

left you behind as

the road unfurls me



what does dying mean

only that I still expect

beyond all reason

to recognize your writing

on an envelope one morning



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