A Wandering Minstrel I…


Reviewing this summer’s conventions, one of the things I most enjoyed was sharing haiku with fellow-poets and aficionados.

I don’t have any photos from my readings in the halls of Anime Central, where I did my bit to brighten up Sunday morning by roaming about stopping random passers-by (who just wanted to check out) with an offer of free haiku. Most assented graciously; I mixed funny and light-hearted poems with more serious ones, and actually raised a few laughs with this ode to the morning after the convention’s big party night:

the morning after / aching bones do not regret / the night before

At A-Kon I held a Neo-Heian Haiku party by the beautiful reflecting pools in the Anatole’s lobby, though we later had to move to a quieter location to allow room for uninhibited drinking and cosplay photoshoots. One of our number gave us haiku in Latin and Japanese; another read her own first haiku, always an act of faith and courage.

I took a few pictures, with the kind permission of my guests, just to capture the memory of our time together creating poetry in the midst of the mayhem. Enjoy! And next year, come and join the party.







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