Getting Linked to Technorati: It’s All A Bit Masonic

I got a wonderful list of ways to promote your work on social media from the Twitter feed of Erica Friedman, one of the most practical SM experts I know. Technorati was recommended, and it sounded interesting, so I logged on and checked it out. I found it less than totally clear on the nuts and blots of how to sign up.

After signup, you get an email with a claim token – mine was 6KEVBP5UCXZN. Only then do you, the aspirant Technoratus, learn that in order to claim your blog you have to make a blog post including this token. I only found out by checking this very helpful post from Brian Rothenberg.

 There’s an onsite Technorati FAQ on claiming your blog but it doesn’t cover this point at all. So if you’re signing up, be ready to make a dull but necessary blog post as soon as you get your email with the claim token. Put the claim token in the early part of the entry, as I did here, to make life easier for the search engines. Publish, return to your Technorati account page, scroll down to the “check claim” button, and click.

Simple, straightforward, no secret handshakes required! 


One thought on “Getting Linked to Technorati: It’s All A Bit Masonic

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