Spring Cleaning in Autumn

Girls’ school free to good home

After three years of blogging, I fancied a change of image. And after ten years in this house, Steve and I have a lot of accumulated stuff to clear out.

This happy coincidence could win my lovely readers a prize or two. From now until Christmas you can help give unwanted media orphans a new home. Just check back here every week or two and see what’s on offer.

This week’s orphan is a box set of Maria-sama ga Miteru  aka Marimite series 1. To bring it home, all you have to do is leave a short comment on this post, naming your favourite anime of the year and saying why. This time next week I’ll announce a winner and email him or her for a mailing address. (I’ll cover the basic snailmail costs, anywhere in the world, though I accept no responsibility for delivery.)


7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in Autumn

  1. My vote’s for Bodacious Space Pirates: space opera, strong – willed independent girls / women with an amount of fan service that’s very much below average, and a story that holds the interest until the end. Plus, pirates!

  2. I would say that Polar Bear Cafe has been my favourite show of the year. I like many people I went into the show not really knowing what to expect. Fortunately I was pleasantly suprised by how entertaining and just plain adorable the show was. All the characters are charming in their own unique ways often because their very human and often flawed personalities are just plain amusing when seen through the guise of a talking animal. Polar Bear in particular is a terrific character often poking fun at the other characters in a jovial manner that never seems malicious but at the end of the day he is an adult and will try his best to help his friends, mentor a very lazy Panda, and run the classiest cafe in the town.

  3. So far I’m really enjoying the lastest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures TV animation. Gotta love the Yes ending song, and the efforts to retain some manga feel in it. I just hope the animation quality can be somewhat consistent (those 90’s OVAs are superbly animated).

  4. Fate/Zero. Thoroughly enjoyed the Nico Nico Douga subs as it came out, and the mature storytelling quite literally had me at the edge of my seat. It has been long time since anime had anything like this… not since GITS: Stand Alone Complex.

  5. I realize it’s not this year, but I’m only getting to it now – Durarara!!. Honestly, I could go either way on the story, but the music and stylistic approach, the use of colors – I love how in crowds, the unimportant characters, the crowds, are just overshadowed. It’s one of those shows that, when getting back into Anime, it’s really made me want to seek out new stuff, because a lot of innovation, a lot of really simple innovation, is clearly going on.

  6. The winner of the box set is Harry Payne, because his comments made me look again at a series I’d written off. Didn’t exactly change my mind about Bodacious Space Pirates in that I think a show with strong-willed independent females should be able to get by without requiring them to show cleavage/knickers, but did make me appreciate aspects of it that I wrote off. Check out the new contest.

  7. Wow! and just in time for my birthday! (^_^). After Arthur Wang’s comments on Polar Bear Cafe, I was sure I was out of the running, so many thanks to you, Helen; and also to Mr. Wang for getting me to look at a really good series.

    Helen, I’ve sent you an email with my address.

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