Anime Doll: Creamy Mami transformed by Pullip

The majority of anime fans under 30 have probably never heard of Creamy Mami. But mention that name to old-school otaku and you may be surprised. A misty look will come into their eyes, the kind of look that suggests a beautiful dream.

Magic Angel Creamy Mami (Maho no Tenshi Creamy Mami) was a 1983 anime series, the first of five “magical girl” shows from Studio Pierrot. The lead character, ┬ádesigned by the divine Akemi Takada, was one of those amazing creatures who enabled little girls to live out their innocent dreams through weekly cartoon shows, and later through a spinoff manga, with five more video specials released every year until 1987. With the help of a magical gizmo from space and a couple of almost-cats, nine-year-old Yuu Morisawa can transform into fifteen-year-old idol singer Creamy Mami. In this glitzy, frilly, pastel guise she helps others, fights evil and finds friendship, love and self-confidence.

There have been many, many Mami dolls and figurines, but this is one of the sweetest. Feast your eyes and glut your hearts on the Little Pullip Dolloca Creamy Mami Little Dal Dall – shown here with art from the original show for comparison. Christmas lists at the ready? Look and dream.

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