Dancing in the Dark: Sonnet x 1.5

The house was dark. The stage was bare

Of everything but light and air,

And I was pottering in the wings,

Doing unnecessary things

Because, although this may sound tragic,

An empty theatre’s full of magic –

And, QED, the boy was there.


He wasn’t dancing for applause

But pure and simply for delight.

He danced that afternoon because

He couldn’t dance that way at night:

Dazzling technique and lyric line,

Each step more human than divine,

An hour of joy without a pause.


And when he stopped and walked offstage

And found me worshipping him there,

He shrugged and wiped his sweaty face

And walked away without a care,

Leaving the stage an empty space

Where he had cast his spell, now bare,

Fairydust hanging in dead air.


2 thoughts on “Dancing in the Dark: Sonnet x 1.5

    • Thank you! It’s one of my happiest memories from my time working in theatre, so I wanted to capture it and share it with others.

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