Supermarionated Stingray Cosplay: PWOR!

Courtesy of and © David Hirsch, these three photos dropped into my inbox and transported me back 30 years. My new boyfriend and I spent months researching, testing ideas and fabrics, and making costumes for Fanderson 82, the Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society’s convention. Here we are, in full WASP uniform as Captain Troy Tempest and Lieutenant Atlanta Shore.

Oddly enough, the most difficult part of the process wasn’t finding the Troy Tempest wig (which we got on Shepherd’s Bush market, though the only way to get the shape right was to use it back to front.) It wasn’t even making Steve’s fake eyebrows. It was getting his cap right. We made and rejected half a dozen samples before finally going with one that wasn’t quite perfect, but was a) pretty close, and b) ready in time for the convention. (Hands up any cosplayers who have never shared that experience?)

It was a great convention masquerade. There was the best Marina costume I’ve ever seen. (Sadly the wearer doesn’t want to be named on the web because she now has a very respectable job and can’t risk a cosplay tag.) There was another wonderful WASP uniform from Gordon O’Byrne, plus a host of other fab skits and characters.

The boyfriend and I are still together, by the way.

Happy days!

2 thoughts on “Supermarionated Stingray Cosplay: PWOR!

  1. You both look so cool! One can see the amount of effort put into those costumes! If it was hard to find nice wigs in the 90’s (which led me to make my Black Lady wig with wool), I can’t even imagine in 82!

    • We got lucky with the wig – the puppet Troy’s hair is very glossy, so wool wouldn’t have worked. My friend Barbara was an absolute genius at making wigs with wool but I don’t think even she could have made that one work!

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