London’s Burning

We have created a sense of entitlement and allowed it to replace a sense of wonder. As we lose sight of the fact that life is an astonishing, millions-to-nothing chance, and that we live in a world filled with shining wonders, we build ourselves into prisons of ignorance and demand to be cared for and looked after and given shiny toys. We need to grow up in the true sense, to grow back to that sense of wonder and to stop whining and demanding anything of the universe but the astounding privilege of the next breath.

I wish everyone in my beloved city could stay safe tonight. I wish nobody would injure another. I want pie in the sky. I want pigs to fly. I want another miracle. That would be better than anything, and nobody would be able to steal it or destroy it. Please please, please, everyone, stop taking, stop shouting. Start giving. Start listening.


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