International Haiku Network links West of England, North of Honshu

I’ve been publishing my haiku for a few months now, and recently joined the Akita International Haiku Network, a multinational forum for reading, writing enjoying and exploring haiku and its related forms. There are some wonderful poems on the site, supported by evocative photos. Haiku are now written in many languages: I was intrigued to read that John McDonald has  published haiku in Scots, with English and Japanese translations.

The AIHN website was established just a year ago, in May 2009. Through it, I met Hidenori Hiruta, one of the founders of AIHN and an excellent poet in his own right. On 13 May I was thrilled to read some of my haiku on the site, with Japanese translation by Hiruta-san, as part of the International Haiku Spring Festival 2010.

The International Haiku Spring Festival is linked to the Bath Japanese Festival 2010, and a haiga painter and haiku poet from Akita are visiting Bath and contributing to the Festival. The Bath Festival runs until 23rd May, with events in Bath and Bristol, so if you’re in the West of England in the next couple of weeks check out the website for events.

The motto of the AIHN is, appropriately, in haiku form:

“We all try our best/ in our busy, busy lives/ to write poetry.”


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