Fullmetal Alchemist stamps on sale in Japan 14 June

© Japan Post

The Association of Japanese Animations and Japan Post has announced that a souvenir sheet of five stamps from the anime is on sale in Japan on 14 June. These follow the Naruto and Keroro Gunso postage stamps released  last year.

Stamp collectors and anime fans alike can amass quite a haul at Japan Post. There have been thirteen previous issues in the “Anime Hero/Heroine” series, starting with a Pokemon sheet in 2003 and including issues on the works of Shigeru Mizuki and Hayao Miyazaki. Other  souvenir issues have included stamps devoted to the 50th anniversary of boys’ manga and Osamu Tezuka. Japan Post also sells character stationery like this charming Hello Kitty set. You can see the full stamp range here.  Japan Post offers an English-language version of the website, but this doesn’t include the postage stamp and postcard pages.

2 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist stamps on sale in Japan 14 June

  1. Just brilliant. I immediately set out to buy some but my fledgling Japanese wasn’t up to it, alas. Soon, I tell you! Do you own any of this range?

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