Sharp objects ahead

One of the most exciting developments in the new visual-kit field – and it’s not easy to do anything exciting in an area where technology is constantly leapfrogging itself – was Sharp Corporation’s announcement last week. They’re preparing for September mass-production of a 3D liquid crystal display that doesn’t need special glasses and will fit most handheld devices.

The 3D revolution has passed me by each time it’s been around the block. Aside from the fact that most 3D glasses are too heavy to be comfortable for me, I don’t focus well through them. I spent most of Avatar balancing them on my lap – trying not to drop them was a welcome distraction from the worst bits of dialogue. This enabled me to appreciate the wonderful colours, most of which greyed down with the glasses on. (If you plan to see the Smurfosaurus Rex of 3D cinema again, try it without the glasses – the unfiltered colour palette is deliciously trippy.) So the idea of 3D without headaches intrigues me. But 3D on a phone? Or – even better – on a book-sized device? That I could definitely go for.

Just imagine what the iPad will be able to do with a 3D screen… someone please get Apple hooked up with Sharp!

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