Mark Schilling’s Best Japanese Films of 2009

Get over to the Japan Times if you haven’t already seen this piece from one of my favourite film critics. Mark Schilling’s combination of insight and authority with the ability to turn a snappy soundbite make his columns well worth bookmarking. It’s also refreshing for Western anime fans to be reminded that the Japanese film industry ranges beyond animation, chambara and giant rubber monsters.

Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars is the only anime on the list at number 3, and in Schilling’s opinion Hosoda “assumes the title of Japan’s premier animator with this human-scaled but stunningly imaginative film”.

His top pick is Yoshihiro Nakamura’s irresistible Fish Story: “Can a punk-rock song, recorded in 1975, save the world from a comet on course to destroy the planet in 2012?”  (Macross – girl/robot + attitude) promises a lot more fun than the other 2012 movie currently stomping the American Way into screens around the world.

For more, check out Mark Schilling’s website.

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