Rolling along aboard the promotional machine

Too long since my last post, but life and work are conspiring again. I’ve been a bit under the weather, and graceful illness isn’t one of my gifts. The promotional work for The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga has occupied all the time and energy I can spare from coughing.

The rewards have been considerable. The book’s getting overwhelmingly positive feedback, and everyone I talk to seems to be excited about Tezuka and the opportunity to learn more about his amazingly diverse careers. I had a wonderful time at Comica last night, presenting some Tezuka rarities and talking about the many facets of his talent to a lively crowd, then signing lots of books in the ICA bookshop and having some great conversations. (Owen, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry my ability to write kana deserted me completely as we chatted. I put it down to the combination of Day Nurse and G&T.)

The Telegraph Online ran a piece I wrote about Tezuka on Saturday, and Dazed Digital has an interview with me up today, and a lovely picture gallery. One of the big advantages of an online journal is that there’s room for more images, and with Tezuka that really helps. Today’s London edition of Metro has a nice big picture, but only one.

Still, it’s lovely to see the book being widely reviewed and appreciated, in print and online, and a pleasure to talk about it. Several interviews I’ve done are still to appear – there’s one for Design Week here in Britain, there’ll be a US interview on the Right Stuf podcast soon and I’m eagerly awaiting the Anime World Order review.

Now, my cold needs some more attention. Where did I put that G&T?

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