A Week of Good Reviews

I spent most of last week doing talks and workshops on aspects of anime and manga, in venues ranging from a nineteenth-century wood-panelled room looking out on glorious autumnal parkland to an urban classroom, and got lovely feedback from all of them.

That’s not always a given, as anyone who does this kind of thing will tell you. Sometimes, however hard everyone tries, a talk or workshop just doesn’t work. If you pick up the first stirrings of disengagement – and believe me, after the first time it happens, you pick them up very quickly – you can pull things together and turn them around so that everybody gets something out of the experience. But if you’ve done your preparation properly, know your material, have checked out your group, and are ready to shift your emphasis so as to give them the right challenge, you usually get happy participants and good feedback.

Last week, the feedback was superb. A week like that creates a wonderful aura, a glow of contentment and satisfaction that would, I’m sure, make one absolutely insufferable if it were maintained. Luckily the next week has its own challenges, so I can’t afford to bask for too long. It’s nice while it lasts, though.

This week opened with the launch of The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga at Kinokuniya’s Avenue of the Americas branch in New York, and will close with the UK launch at MCM Expo at Excel. I’m hoping for more good reviews!

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