Tezuka in New York

Photo © James Leung

Photo © James Leung

Thanks to James Leung who kindly sent me his photo of  The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga in the window of Kinokuniya’s New York store. I’m thrilled to see it on the streets of New York, especially in such distinguished company. Frederik L. Schodt’s Astro Boy Essays is a classic that should be on every serious anime and manga lover’s bookshelf, and Brigitte Koyama-Richard’s overview of the last thousand years of manga history is a superb piece of work.

According to Lance Fensterman’s MediumAtLarge blog, the New York branch of Kinokuniya is hosting a Tezuka Day tomorrow and they’ve made my book part of the proceedings, with a special launch slot at 2 pm! The program also features the translated Tezuka comics published by Vertical, Inc., and The Right Stuf., inc., have arranged a screening of classic Astro Boy cartoons. There’ll be radio broadcasts and interviews with Tezuka fans. It sounds like a lot of fun!

I love New York and I’m thrilled that there’s going to be an event for my book in one of my favourite cities. I just wish I could be there!  I’m scheduled to record a podcast with the Right Stuf team next month, so I’ll be on the airwaves in America, but right now I’d love to be in the air heading for New York.

Tezuka, of course, was no stranger to New York. He visited the city in the 1960s and later spoke at the United Nations building. To find out more, and see photos of his travels, drop in to Kinokuniya – or your local bookstore – and browse the book!

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