First with the News: Parka Blogs reviewing The Art of Osamu Tezuka

Apart from a few advance copies for review and promotion, my Tezuka book hasn’t yet hit the shops in Europe or America. Not even Amazon has it yet. In Asia, however, it’s a different story. The distributor has outlets there, and it’s much closer to the printing and finishing companies. So it’s already in the shops in Singapore, and Parka Blogs has provided an overview with tons of nice photos and a 28-second movie of someone flicking through the book from front to back.

I tend to think that people who like my books have wonderful taste and great intelligence, but even allowing for my bias this is a fun blog. Parka specialises in reviewing art, anime and illustration books, with an overview of the content and big colour pics. There are literally dozens of reviews of all kinds of books, from anatomy drawing books to movie books and video game illustration collections. He even keeps a list of Amazon bargain books, though it’s only updated every few months – last update was 19 August 2009. You can buy from the blog if you want to, via direct links to Amazon’s various national setups, or else just enjoy the pics.


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