Workers for Anime: my first evening class

I’m giving a ten-week evening class on anime in London this winter. There’ll be weekly two-hour sessions every Tuesday from 13 October to 15 December, and you can find out more or sign up here.

The course is being run by the Workers’ Educational Association, a body set up in 1903 to provide opportunities for the ordinary man and woman to continue their education after work. It was a revolutionary notion at the time, and the WEA is still quietly carrying on the revolution. It’s one of the foremost providers of Life-Long Learning (or adult education, as it used to be known) and is eager to encourage everyone past school age to keep the neurons firing. It offers fee concessions for those on low incomes, and support with basic skills or disabilities. As long as you want to learn something, the WEA will do its best to help you study.

My class is called Anime 101: Japanese Animation from 1917 to 2009 and beyond. It aims to give a historical overview of anime, its development, influences and key figures. It’ll be as much fun as I can make it, but what it won’t be is just a series of lectures. I was scheduled to give a similar course last year for another authority, but unfortunately circumstances beyond my control meant I had to pull out. I was replaced by Andrew Osmond, and I’m told he did a superb job – but I felt sorry not to be able to do it myself, and I’m glad to have the chance now.

We need 12 people to run the class in Central London but if there is enough interest we could also run it on more than one night or in other venues.

Why not sign up and see what I’ve got planned?


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