Miyazaki Senior to attend San Diego Comic-Con

The New York Times reports that Hayao Miyazaki is to speak at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 24.

The greatest living Japanese film-maker hasn’t even left Japan yet, but he has already accumulated several souvenirs to bring back from his trip to America. The day before, he will receive the annual Japan Prize, awarded annually by UC Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies to someone who has “brought the world closer to Japan.”

His latest movie, Ponyo, has its US premiere in Hollywood on 27 July, and he will be honoured by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the day before. The Academy already gave him an Oscar for Spirited Away, but he didn’t attend the ceremony.

2 thoughts on “Miyazaki Senior to attend San Diego Comic-Con

  1. Yet another reason why I wish I lived in the USA. To see Mr Miyazaki in the flesh would be a dream come true. Talk about a man who has inspired me and helped form my love for anime & manga!!!

    I really hope fans over there appreciate how lucky they are!

    • I think this will lead to even more of a crush than usual as fans without Comic-Con tickets (all sold out weeks ago) line up outside in the hope of getting in somehow. It will be an awful crush and he’ll be onstage, filtered through an interpreter, in a hall for about 7,000 with about four times that many trying to crowd in….

      But of course I’d still love to be there.

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